01. January 2019
Happy New Year, I hope 2019 will be a great year for everyone! And let’s hope 2019 brings lots of good news for the Southern Residents as well! First drawing of the year, in a new sketchbook.
14. February 2018
Happy Valentine's Day!
05. January 2018
First drawing of 2018 is Yoda fanart in honor of seeing The Last Jedi!
28. October 2017
I survived InkTober, had tons of fun and hopefully raised some awareness for the Southern Residents. I will continue this series of drawings and draw every single living individual!
21. October 2017
Fourth week of InkTober 2017!
21. October 2017
The drawings for week 3 of InkTober 2017!
16. October 2017
Week 2 of InkTober 2017 is over so time for another overview shot! Still having lots of fun and starting to think of drawing all of the SRKW’s. You can find daily updates on my social media!
08. October 2017
The theme for this year is 31 Southern Residents, in an effort to use InkTober's popularity to raise awareness about the problems this endangered population faces. These are my entries for the first week. You can follow my daily updates onmy Instagram and Tumblr!
19. July 2017
With the creation of my new logo, I have finally set the website to live!
14. July 2017
Happy World Orca Day! This drawing was done with Copic Markers in a new sketchbook, the Molotoc All4One. Mixed feelings about it, while the markers didn't bleed through thanks to a coating on the paper, that same coating makes coloring really strange. Inks move around rather than blend. And the eraser can even erase inks from this paper!

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